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ScholarshipUniverse is our scholarship-matching tool for admitted and current Savannah State students. ScholarshipUniverse connects Tigers to millions of dollars in external scholarships. We search; Tigers apply!  It's time for your hard work to start paying off your school bills. 

Both University, Foundation, and external scholarship opportunities are available in SSU Scholarship Universe.  There are two types of scholarships -- direct award scholarships, and application scholarship (competitive scholarships).

For direct award scholarship, students are automatically considered for all awards for which they are eligible.  Each year, your academic records will be reviewed to determine your eligibility for both merit-based and needs-based scholarships available.  The minimum GPA of 2.0, and full time enrollment is required for most scholarship awards.  Some scholarships have more stringent eligibility criteria (i.e. higher GPA requirement, enrollment status, classification restrictions , etc...)

For competitive scholarships, an application is required and the pool of students considered for the award is based on application submission.  The competitive scholarships deadline is generally April 30th for University and Foundation Scholarships.  Some individual scholarship applications have deadlines that are into the month of May.  Note:  Direct Award scholarships are awarded year-round as long as funding is available.

Students who are offered scholarship awards must accept the award offers prior to the communicated deadline for the award offer.  Award offers that are not accepted, will be rescinded to allow for other students to receive the opportunity.  All students who accept their award offers, must submit a letter of thanks within Scholarship Universe.

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Important Information About Your Scholarship

University and Foundation Scholarships cover tuition, fees (only tuition related fees), and in some cases room, board, and books.  University and Foundation Scholarships are not refundable, unless for special circumstances.  Note:  There is a limit to the amount of financial aid students can receive.  When your financial aid (to include scholarships) exceeds the limits, it's referred to as an an over-award.  Since your total financial awards cannot exceed your cost of attendance, the Office of Financial Aid must attempt to resolve the over-award.  For more information regarding, cost of attendance and financial need calculation, which contribute to determining over awarding, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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