Funded to Finish Program

Savannah State University Finish Line Program

The SSU Finish Line Program assists students who have completed 90 or more credit hours but have regrettably had to abandon their dreams of completing a college degree. Many have demonstrated the ability to be successful in college and are within a single academic year of successful graduation (i.e. 30 hours). Yet the primary reason for withdrawal at 90+ hours is exhausted financial aid and related external situations, such as needing to work full-time to support a family.

To qualify for our  program, students must:

  • Have 90 or more earned credit hours
  • Have an overall and Savannah State University grade point average of at least 2.3
  • Have a maximum of 30 credit hours remaining
  • Majoring in specific degree programs
  • Exhaustion of all financial aid and private/personal funding available

Student who meet the qualifications of the program to be considered as a participant, will be contacted by the Enrollment Management team.  

Important Information About Your Scholarhip

University and Foundation Scholarships cover tuition, fees (only tuition related fees), and in some cases room, board, and books.  University and Foundation Scholarships are not refundable, unless for special circumstances.  Note:  There is a limit to the amount  of financial aid students can receive.  When your financial aid (to include scholarships) exceeds the limits, it's referred to as an an over-award.  Since your total financial awards cannot exceed your cost of attendance, the Office of Financial Aid must attempt to resolve the over-award.  For more information regarding, cost of attendance and financial need calculation, which contribute to determining over awarding, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

The awarding and release of financial aid (federal, state, and institutional) is contingent on you maintaining eligibility to receive such funding.  Maintaining eligibility includes demonstrating academic progress, meeting enrollment criteria, understanding how repeated coursework affects you, being enrolled in the appropriate number of credit hours, and so much more.  Funding will be adjusted as needed.

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