University Endowment

Want to leave a personal legacy, or recognize a special individual in a meaningful and lasting way, that will create a stable source of support for generations to come? An endowment gift can do just that!

Endowed gifts are invested directly, with the generated income used to fund your specific philanthropic interests. The fund's principal remains intact; the gift continues to generate income in perpetuity.

An individual's lifespan is limited, but a university endures for countless generations and hundreds of years. An endowed gift helps ensure that adequate provision is made for the students, faculty, staff, programs, initiatives, and facilities of the future.

Donors can also establish an unrestricted endowment, dedicated to helping SSU advance. These unrestricted funds give SSU flexibility to focus on its goals, whether it is advancing research, offering more scholarships, increasing community outreach or offering a lecture or arts series on campus.

Endowment Categories and Thresholds:

To establish an endowed scholarship, learn more about the guideliness for establishment.

To learn more about endowment possibilities, including minimum giving levels and areas to support, contact LeAndrea Mikell, Interim VP for University Advancement at,  or call or email University Advancement at (912) 358-3059 /

Naming Opportunities

Other Physical Facilities/Outdoor Structures

Gifts may enable donors to name spaces within buildings, such as lecture halls, laboratories, conference rooms, specialty classrooms and regular classrooms.  Minimum amounts are necessary to name facilities. See the list of categories and minimum thresholds below.

Benches, fountains, outdoor plantings, memorial trees, other outdoor structures or areas — The cost of the project plus $5,000 to the Campus Beautification Endowment is required.  Note: If a structure is a student memorial or a student project, strictly the project cost is needed. 

Academic and Major University Units (Program)

Contributions to name an academic or other major university unit must be able to transform the unit involved, enabling that unit to reach a level of excellence that cannot be achieved with state or university funds alone. The gift should be in the form of an endowment, with income from the endowment used to provide a margin of excellence for the unit. The gift should not replace state funds previously made available to that unit.

Endowed Faculty Positions

Naming opportunities for chairs or professorships are available throughout campus. Endowed chair designation is linked to a select faculty position filled by an outstanding scholar and teacher, as judged by rigorous, nationally accepted standards. Named professorships typically are held by faculty members whose accomplishments indicate potential for national and international leadership and distinction in their field, and whose current efforts are focused on honing teaching skills and/or establishing a superior record of research or other scholarly activity.

Lectureships and Lecture Series

Savannah State encourages naming opportunities for lectureships and visiting lecture series.

A lectureship is a select position to be filled by a top scholar who becomes a part of the Savannah State University community for a specified period, but who typically does not accept a permanent position on the faculty. A visiting lecture series brings a variety of individuals with experience and expertise relevant to the special interests of a particular college or school.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Endowed fellowships and scholarships enable SSU to attract and retain the best and brightest students form throughout Savannah, the region and the nation. Fellowships offer educational assistance primarily for graduate students, and provide full or partial support that enables students to complete their educational experience at Savannah State.  Scholarships primarily offer educational assistance for talented undergraduate students.

The Foundation offers two types of scholarships, those which may be funded and awarded annually, and those which are awarded based on earnings from an established endowment.

The established minimum endowment levels for fellowships and scholarships are: 
•    Endowed Scholarships — $25,000
•    Annual Scholarships (non-endowed) — $5,000

Categories and Thresholds

Naming Category  Minimum Threshold 
Restricted Scholarship  $                         5,000.00
Administrative Suite  $                       20,000.00
Endowed Scholarship  $                       25,000.00
General Small Facility  $                       25,000.00
Other Classroom or Facility  $                       50,000.00
Conference Room or Facility  $                       50,000.00
Auditorium (with fewer than 150 Seats)  $                       50,000.00
General Medium Facility  $                       50,000.00
Distance Learning Classroom  $                       75,000.00
Administrative or Support Buildings or Rooms  $                       75,000.00
General Large Facility (Non-Academic)  $                       75,000.00
Endowed Fellowship  $                     100,000.00
Auditorium (with 150 or more seats)  $                     100,000.00
Athletics - Other  $                     100,000.00
Endowed Distinguished Scholar  $                     200,000.00
Electronic Classroom  $                     200,000.00
Endowed Lecture or Seminar Series  $                     250,000.00
Dining Hall or Ballroom  $                     250,000.00
Endowed Professorship  $                     500,000.00
Laboratory  $                     500,000.00
College-based or Unit-based Center or Institute  $                     750,000.00
Endowed Distinguished Professorship  $                 1,000,000.00
University-wide Center, Institute, or Program  $                 1,250,000.00
Endowed Chairs  $                 1,500,000.00
Endowed Distinguished Chairs  $                 2,000,000.00
Academic Program (School or Department)  $                 2,500,000.00
Academic Building (College or Division)  $                 5,000,000.00
Capital Athletic Naming  $                 5,000,000.00
Housing Facility  $                 7,500,000.00


To reserve your naming, please contact LeAndrea Mikell, Interim VP for University Advancement at