Annual Fund

Since 1890, Savannah State University's Annual Fund has been the fuel for SSU's mission and growth. One of the most important goals of the Annual Fund is to broaden the base of people who support SSU every year.

What makes the SSU Annual Fund so important?
When you give now, you make a difference now. Gifts to the SSU Annual Fund are flexible and immediately available, allowing SSU to use them in the areas of greatest need.

Tuition and fees account for only a portion of the actual cost of a college education at SSU. Gifts to the annual fund ensure that SSU continues to provide a high quality and affordable education to students and for each college. From individual experiences to large scale initiatives, your gifts to the annual fund help create opportunity and success.

Download our latest brochure to learn about the importance of the SSU Annual Fund.

Every gift matters. Every giver makes a difference. Everyone benefits. All we need is you.

You can make a gift to SSU that supports the university's areas of greatest need, scholarships, your college or school, programs, initiatives, and other funds. The SSU Annual Fund fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30. We appreciate your gift, and thank you for your loyalty to SSU.

Give to the Annual Fund