NROTC Preparatory Scholarships

Under the NPSR program interested high school students may apply for one-year University, or privately funded scholarships to support room, board and tuition while enrolled in a university NROTC preparatory program. University NROTC Prep programs are designed to improve midshipman candidates’ academic and life skills to prepare for the rigorous NROTC academic program. This expanded relationship between the Navy and the schools that host preparatory programs offers a performance-based pathway for midshipman candidates to earn NROTC scholarships.

The heart of the NPSR program is the host universities’ yearlong commitment to provide students, who show great potential via grades, character, and extra-curricular activities but might lack standardized test scores or advanced high school courses, the educational foundation necessary for success in the NROTC program and Navy. The program's objective is to expand NROTC scholarship opportunities by accessing this untapped talent and potential.

Savannah State University provides scholarships up to a set amount towards tuition, fees, room and board for the preparatory year. Upon prep year completion, the Navy NROTC scholarship supports tuition, books and fees for up to 40 months of benefits (up to 5 year total benefit)

The NROTC Preparatory Scholarship is funded by the SSU Scholarship Fund.

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