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Event Reservation Policy


  • All Student Organizations and University Departments must submit reservation(s) request via SSU’s Office of Events Space Request Forms. The links are found below.

Students: Space Request Form for Events

Faculty & Staff: Department Space Request Form for Events

  • Non-university Groups must submit their reservation request via SSU’s Office of Events Space Request Form. See the link below:

External Groups: External Space Request Form for Events


  • All University-affiliated reservations of campus space are requested to be made at least two (2) weeks in advance. Once the space request is approved, advisors will need to coordinate IT, Set-Up, and catering requests for their groups. Faculty and Staff will also coordinate their requests for IT, Set-Up, and catering requests with the appropriate departments. Failure to properly reserve space could result in the denial of your space and set-up request.


  • Non-university Groups must submit room reservation requests at least three (3) weeks) in advance. If a special set- up is required, more advanced notice is recommended to better assure the special set-up. Failure to properly reserve space could result in the denial of your space and set-up request.


  • First priority for use of University facilities will be given to student, academic, or administrative functions at SSU.


  • Organizations will be responsible for adhering to all policies regarding security, conduct, and damages as per University policies.


  • There shall be no interference with educational activities inside or outside of buildings. Depending on the time of day and location of the event, the usage of sound and voice amplifying equipment may be restricted or prohibited.


  • There shall be no interference with the free flow of traffic nor the ingress and egress to buildings on campus.


  • Attendance at events will be limited to the room or space capacity as determined by SSU Facilities.


  • The sponsoring organization will be held liable for damages to the facility and its equipment.


  • The sponsoring organization will be responsible for all costs associated with security. Security is billed through Events Services. The number of security personnel required will be determined by SSU Public Safety considering such factors as, but not limited to, the type of event and the expected number of participants.


  • All Student Organizations must complete the linked events space request form Space Request Form for Events prior to the event in order for the event to be approved.
  • Space assignments are confirmed on a first come first serve basis within the established priority scheduling deadlines. Events Services attempts to honor customer preferences but reserves the right to make judgments regarding the most appropriate space for an event.


  • If the event is approved by the Office of Event Services, confirmations are sent via email to the event contact after the request is processed. If the event is not approved, the event contact will be emailed with reasons and more information.


  • Events should not be announced until Events Services has provided written confirmation. For events requiring a special set up, the event contact must meet with the Facilities Representative and Events Services no less than five (5) business days prior to the event, earlier if possible. Reservations are subject to cancellation if this meeting does not occur. The event contact must contact the Facilities Representative and Events Services office to schedule this meeting.


  • Fundraising Forms should be submitted to the Office of University Advancement and approved one week prior to the event date.


  • Clubs and organizations with reservations who do not plan to use a meeting room should cancel their reservation at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of their meeting. Failure to cancel a room reservation may jeopardize future use of campus facilities for the remainder of the semester as well as incur a cancellation fee.


  • SSU reserves the right to make any necessary changes in room locations as needed for the efficient operations of the facility. All efforts will be made to give sufficient notice of change.


  • All organizations are required to return the room to its original condition before departing. The space should be free and clear of all trash and debris. If the Events Staff removes decorations and/or provides additional cleaning, the sponsoring organization will be held accountable and future requests for space may be denied.


  • Any decorations should be approved, in advance by Events Services. No tape, staples, tacks, nails, pins or hooks may be used to secure materials to walls, windows, ceilings, columns, doors, doorframes, staging, curtains or draperies or other surfaces. No glitter or confetti may be used in any facilities. Open-flame candles are not allowed.


  • All solicitation activities, whether commercial, non-commercial, student fund raising or philanthropic, not protected by the First Amendment, should be cleared through the regular University processes for such activities.


  • Property belonging to the building such as photographs, furniture, works of art, plants or any other equipment may not be taken or moved from one part of the building to the other.


  • The authorized use of any SSU facility or space is subject to University regulations and Federal, State and local laws.


  • Failure to comply with the University policies, Federal, State and local laws, may result in the cancellations of future reservations.


  • Malicious or unwarranted damages or destruction of University property is strictly prohibited. Such damage may result in a fee assessment and denial of future use of facilities or space.